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Custom Bracelet Fundraiser

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Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fund raise?

Bracelets Bought Price per Bracelet % Profit Total Profit
2000+ $0.90 70% $4,200.00+
1000-1999 $1.20 60% up to $3600
500-999 $1.50 50% up to $1490
200 min $1.80 40% up to $598

Custom wristbands are a fantastic complement to any fundraiser. Either sell the silicone bracelets on their own, or give them as a "thank-you" to supporters for their generosity!

These pure silicone fundraising wristbands are just like the Livestrong cancer bracelets that have become so popular. Now your supporters can show their support for YOUR group!

Your fundraising bracelets are made from 100% silicone - comfort-quality, durable, and fashionable.

What Will YOUR Fundraising Bracelet Look Like?

awareness bracelet fundraiser fonts

Silicone Awareness Bracelet

Click images to enlarge
Each bracelet fits 25 characters

fundraising bracelets

We can print any standard pantone color!

Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fundraise?

order bracelet fundraiser

Bracelets Bought Price per Bracelet Profit % per Bracelet Total Profit!
2000+ $0.90 70% $4,200.00+
1000-1999 $1.20 60% up to $3600
500-999 $1.50 50% up to $1490
200 min $1.80 40% up to $598

fundraising product Each bracelet can sell for $3.00, or give it in exchange for a donation!
fundraising bracelets Price includes deboss (imprint), 1 color font, 1 color bracelet, standard 10-13 business day delivery ... Premium Colors and Multi Color bracelets costs extra
bracelet fundariser Standard delivery is approximately 3 weeks.

How Bracelet Fundraising Works

fundraising step 1

Choose your fundraising bracelet color and font.

fundraising step 2

We will print and ship your rubber wristbands in 10-13 14-21 business days.

fundraising step 3

Give them to supporters as a "thank-you" for making a donation or sell each bracelet for $3.00 - making up to 75% profit!


P.S. Order today to receive your bracelets in 10-13 business days. We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split my order up with different colors?

Yes, you can split up the order with different colors. There is a minimum requirement of 200 bracelets per color and the message does need to be the exact same.

Can I choose a different color from those that are offered?

Yes, all we need is the Pantone color code of color you would like. Here is a sample selection. If you would like the swirl/marble pattern on a color or glow-in-the-dark an additional fee per bracelet will be added..

Can I choose a different font from those that are offered?

No. We offer a large selection of fonts though and feel confident you will find the perfect one.

What sizes do you have available?

Circumference: Standard (adult) is 8.3/8", children's band is 5.7/8".
Width: Standard width is 0.5 inches, extra wide is one inch.

What is the character limit?

We can fit a maximum of 25 characters on you bracelet.

What is the minimum order?

The minimum is 200 bracelets.

How long will it take to receive the fundraiser?

You will receive your fundraiser approximately 14-21 business days after it has been processed.

Can I put a logo/special character on the bracelet?

No we can only print letters and the clipart you find on our site.

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