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Business Partnerships

Our mission is to help non-profit groups spend more time accomplishing their vision and goals, and less time on administration and organization. To do this, we provide easy, turn-key fundraising programs so groups can raise maximum funds in minimum time. We also partner with leaders in organizational support, ranging from group supplies to education and resources.

What we are looking for in a partner:

  • Your organization has over 5,000 active members and/or 10,000 clients nationwide
  • Your members/clients are part of a school group, sports team, fraternity/sorority, church or youth organization, charity, or any other type of non-profit group that requires some form of fundraising on a regular basis.
  • You communicate regularly with your members/clients through online (web site, enewsletters, etc) and/or print (catalog, magazine, etc) channels
  • You are willing to promote and market FastTrack Fundraising programs to your audience.

What we can offer you:

  • Revenue sharing tailored to your needs and ability to promote the program
  • Unique added value for your members/clients seeking fundraisers
  • Cross-channel promotion of your products and services
  • Ongoing technical expertise and support
  • Promotion of your site and services through the following channels:
  • Opt-In Direct Mail marketing: On a daily basis over hundreds of organizations across the United States request fundraising resources and ideas from our website. We can include your site as a "recommended resource" in our fundraising information kit
  • Web based marketing
  • a. Website: targeted advertising on our site, which receives over 40,000 unique visitors monthly.
    b. E-mail marketing: Sent to customers during their fundraising process
    c. Blog based advertisement: Staff generated articles written about your product.
    d. Monthly newsletter: Our monthly opt in newsletter that is sent to tens of thousands of organizations every month.

If you think we can help each other, let's partner for a win-win relationship! Contact Us

Business Partners and Endorsements

Band Director Fundraising

A comprehensive online resources for Band Directors, including product guides, travel and festival resources, and marching videos.

Scrip fundraisers

Scrip.com provides fundraising products and unique fundraising ideas for non-profit organizations. Groups nationwide choose Scrip year after year for quality of service and extended, no money up front payment plans.

Step by Step Fundraising

Step by Step Fundraising connects charitable organizations with fundraising ideas and resources. How-to fundraising information is available for a wide variety of charitable organizations.

Super Fundraiser

Super Fundraiser is a unique system that will match your group with easy, profitable fundraising programs based on your unique needs and preferences.

Top School Fundraisers

Top School Fundraisers presents fundraising ideas for school PTA, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Informative articles are written by experienced school leaders, both staff and parent volunteers.

MyScore Fundraising

MyScore localizes the worldwide web through high school athletic programs. MyScore hopes to strengthen family values, and build community bonds.

School Partnerships and Endorsements

We have partnered and serviced hundreds of school districts across the United States. Here are a sample of clients that return to us year after year:

Dillingham City Schools High School Fundraisers
Northside Blodgett Middle School High School Fundraisers
Superior High School Fundraiser High School Fundraisers
Livingston High School Fundraising High School Fundraisers

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