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CalPak Snack Pack Fundraiser

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Healthy Snack Fundraiser
  • Variety of popular brand name snacks
  • Proven $1 sellers
  • Meets SB12 health regulations
  • Comes with 4 carriers for convenient selling
  • Free FedEx Shipping Free Fundraiser Shipping 3-9 business days

Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to raise?

# Participants   # Snacks sold each = $- profit!

50% Max Profit!
Cases Bought Cost per Case You Raise Profit % Your Total Profit!
25+ cases $148.00 $6,600+ 45% $2,970+!
8-24 cases $156.00 $2,112 - $3,484.80 41% $844.80 - $1,393.92

* Each case contains 4 carriers of 66 snacks. Each snack sells for $1, raising $264 per case.

How It Works

Order a case of snacks. We recommend 1 case per 4 fundraising participants. Quick delivery in 3-9 days (depending on location).

Sell each snack for just $1 (Each case sells for a total of $264.00)

Make up to 45% Profit on every snack - up to $118.80 per case!

About the CalPak Snacks (Trans-Fat Free!)

Each case is divided into 4 carrier bags containing 66 snacks each (264 total snacks).

Healthy Snack Fundraiser
  • FRITO LAY Baked Cheetos Flamin' Hot (5)
  • FRITO LAY Doritos Nacho Cheese Reduced Fat (4)
  • GENERAL MILLS Chex Mix Honey Nut (6)
  • GENERAL MILLS Simply Chex Chocolate Caramel (3)
  • GENERAL MILLS Simply Chex Strawberry Yogurt (3)
  • KELLOGG’S Rice Krispies Treats (12)
  • KRAFT Chile Picante Corn Nuts (7)
  • BISCOMERICA Animal Snackers (3)
  • BUZZ STRONG Chocolate Chip Cookies (12)
  • KARS Salted Peanuts (3)
  • KARS Blazin’ Hot Peanuts (3)
  • PEPPERIDGE FARM Goldfish (5)

Snacks stay fresh for 2 months or more. Each snack contains less than 35% fat, less than 35% sugar, less than 10% saturated fat, and less than 250 calories! Brand names and market tested for quality you can trust.

For kids with peanut allergies, we also offer a Peanut-Free Pak™, which contains: 8 Chili Cheese Fantastix 1.0oz (Frito Lay), 6 Cheddar Chex Mix 1.75oz (General Mills), 4 Simply Chex Chocolate 1.25oz (General Mills), 8 Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers 1.5oz (Pepperidge Farm), 6 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crisps Bag 1.0oz (General Mills), 7 BBQ Corn Nuts 1.3oz (Kraft), 3 Strawberry Cheerios Bars 1.3oz (General Mills), 3 Trix Cereal Bars 1.3oz (General Mills), 3 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars 1.3oz (General Mills), and 18 Rice Krispies Treats 1.3oz (Kellogg's).

CalPak Fundraiser Nutrition Information
ItemServ SizeGramsCalsFat CalsFat (g)% FatSat Fat (g)% Sat FatTrans FatSodium (mg)Sugars (g)% Sugar
Baked Flamin' Hot Cheetos (Frito Lay).8 oz.24.8120404.533%0.54%021000%
RF Doritos Nacho Cheese (Frito Lay)1.0 oz.2813045535%17%022027%
Simply Chex Strawberry Yogurt (Gen Mills)1.2 oz.3414035425%1.510%065721%
Simply Chex Choc Caramel (General Mills)1.2 oz.34150404.527%1.59%01101029%
Rice Krispies Treats (Kellogs)1.3 oz.37150303.520%16%01701232%
Chile Picante Corn Nuts (Kraft)1.4 oz.3918060633%15%041000%
Animal Snackers (Biscomerica)2.125 oz.6019440421%15%01001423%
Cheddar Goldfish (Pepperidge Farm)1.5 oz.4320060730%29%036000%
Chocolate Chip Cookie (Buzz Strong )2.0 oz.5720060630%29%02001933%
Chex Mix Honey Nut (General Mills)1.75 oz.4921060729%14%0230816%
Blazin' Hot Peanuts (Kars)1.5 oz.432401902179%3.513%055037%
Salted Peanuts (Kars)1.5 oz.432502002280%3.513%013525%

* Zero trans-fats, no candy, no sugar as first ingredients, no items are FMNVs (foods of minimal nutritional value), guaranteeing a health-regulation compliant fundraiser!

The CalPak is a great alternative to candy fundraisers, and is fully compliant with all nutritional regulations. Start your easy healthy snack fundraiser today!

P.S. Order now to receive your fundraiser in 3-9 days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

Fundraiser Selling Tips

  1. Get permission from the track, field, or stadium that your team plays at to sell delicious concession snacks
  2. Order the Calpak snack fundraiser from us.
  3. Receive your order in 3 – 9 business days.
  4. Set up a table(s) at the entrance on the big day and have two or more people to man each station.
  5. To sell even more, take the portable carrier packs to the stands during game time and sell them to those hungry people who can't take their eyes off the game!
  6. Sell each snack item for $1.00 and make up to 45% profit on each case!

Recent Fundraisers:

Stevens High School Sophomore Class raised $3,160.00 with CalPak Snacks fundraiser - Nov 22
Csf/nhs Lakewood High School raised $1,422.00 with CalPak Snacks fundraiser - Nov 22
Sierra Vista Csf raised $2,230.00 with CalPak Snacks fundraiser - Sep 26
Drama Club raised $500.00 with CalPak Snacks fundraiser - Sep 15
Exeter Union High School raised $1,200.50 with CalPak Snacks fundraiser - Aug 26

Customer Reviews : CalPak Fundraiser

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Avg. Customer Review (4.3 Stars): 4 Stars
  Number of Reviews: 3

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Class of 2013 Sales, February 15, 2011
Reviewer: Jamie Rowe from Class of 2013
4 Stars
0 of 0 people found this review helpful

The snacks were great, especially because we are allowed to sell them during the school day! However, we had trouble selling a few of the items, specifically the corn nuts...some students loved them, but they would sell MUCH slower than the rest of the items.

Was this review helpful to you?  

Great Fundraiser, October 21, 2010
Reviewer: Rita Woodall from AVID
5 Stars
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

The products were great and we had no trouble selling them. They all meet the Texas nutritional standards and we were allowed to sell them at school.

Was this review helpful to you?  

prom fundraiser, May 03, 2010
Reviewer: Joy Holleran from Will C Wood High School Class of 2010
4 Stars
10 of 11 people found this review helpful

The ordering was straight forward and the delivery was quick. The students anticipated that they would be able to sell the contents of the CalPack easily, but they had difficulty. We purchased the minimum required for the maximum profit, and have several boxes remaining untouched. So we would have to seriously consider using this fundraiser again.

Was this review helpful to you?  

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