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Candle Fundraising

Quote Candle Fundraising

Quote Candle Fundraising

Let us introduce you to our Quote fundraising candles. They are a great way to raise money with no upfront money. Each candle label comes with an inspiring quote. These candles are great for every group. You make 50% profit on every candle you sell. You can even qualify for free shipping. We provide free brochures for each member of your group and all the materials you need to hold your candle fundraiser.

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles

Journey of Faith Fundraising Candles

If you are looking for a great church fundraiser or christian fundraiser then this is the perfect candle fundraiser for you.

There is no cost to start a Journey of Faith candle fundraiser. We will send you free brochures and order forms. You even get FREE SHIPPING with your candle fundraiser with every order of 151 church fundraising candles or more.

Earth Candle Fundraising

Earth Candle Fundraising

There are lots of candle fundraising options available but we believe this is the best candle fundraiser available. These candles are hand made in the USA and use lead-free wicks. Available in 12 oz. canning jars and 14 oz. tumblers, our Earth Candles have a variety of super fragrant scents including Hot Apple Pie, Gardenia, Butter Cookies, and more.


Candle Fundraising is one of the easiest ways to raise money. Choosing the best candle fundraisers, though, takes a little thought. We can help. We offer only the top selling, highest profit candle fundraising programs available.

You make 50% profit on all of our candle fundraisers. Don't settle for lower profit margins when you get earn 50% with us. And don't sell overpriced candles that your customers might not be able to afford. Our candle fundraisers are competitively priced.

We offer different candle fundraisers so that any group can find the perfect product. Check out the great options on this page and choose the one best for your group. We will send free marketing materials for each member of your group to sell candles with and you are off and running with no risk and no upfront money spent.

download fundraiser brochures Useful Fundraiser Tools and Printouts

Tip #1: Plan ahead! Request brochures now so you're not rushing when it's time to fundraise.
Tip #2: Set goals and targets for your brochure fundraiser, and check in on them regularly.
Tip #3: Promote your fundraiser with emails, facebook, and twitter. The more people involved, the more you'll raise!

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Fast Track Fundraising has specialized in Candle Fundraising for more than 10 years. You can call us toll free (888) 778-2580 and one of our fundraising specialists can walk you through all aspects of Candle Fundraisers . As you can see above we have picked some of the best Candle Fundraising Ideas choices for you to consider above. You can start any of these fundraisers directly online and get started right away.

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