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Why Candy Fundraisers May Actually Hurt Your Fundraising

Thinking about candy fundraising? We've all been there - either as the buyer or seller. Forced to buy or sell overpriced candy or chocolate bars in order to fundraise a few dollars.

Let's face it - your fundraising supporters are only buying to support the cause, and maybe get you off their back. Who wants to buy stuff they don't really want?

This creates a negative vibe on both parties - the group members don't fundraise as much because they don't like pushing something not wanted onto people, and the supporters get tired of paying twice as much for candy that they're never going to eat.

BUT .. what if it were different? What if you could fundraise, without being a pain to your supporters? If you could fundraise something that's easy to sell and actually benefits your supporters? That's where we come in.

All of our fundraising solutions are screened to make sure that they are beneficial to BOTH the fundraiser and the fundraiser supporter. They all have proven successful track records (See our success stories for proof!).

Imagine a fundraiser where the supporters actually WANT to buy the product, and the group members feel GOOD about selling it. That's what we offer!

Here are a few examples:

Discount Cards
Offer free pizza, sandwiches, and discounts to your supporters!
Your supporters can now save up to 85% off their favorite magazine titles.
Credit Cards
NOTHING to sell! Simply get paid for every approved application.

Stop forcing your friends and family to buy overpriced things that they don't need.
Get started with a real fundraiser today!

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