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Spring Catalog Fundraiser

Limited brochures left - get them before they run out!

Spring Catalog Fundraiser
50% Max Profit!
  • Free 24-page full color catalogs & order forms
  • Choose from over 100 items $10 or less
  • Items delivered in 3 weeks Free Fundraiser Shipping ups fundraiser
  • Catalog fundraising is popular for schools and groups of 20+

catalog fundraising profit

This is a GUARANTEED PROFIT fundraiser! No money up-front - we send you the catalogs for free, you take orders, then we fulfil them for you. It's that easy! Over 150 products all $10 or less.

How It Works - 4 easy steps to a catalog fundraiser


Request FREE Fundraising Brochures from us (or download and print the PDF catalog).


We will mail you a 24-page full color catalog so you can start your fundraiser and start taking orders. Download our handy fundraising success checklist to get the most out of your fundraiser, and additional order forms if you are super successful!


After you have finished your fundraising drive, place your order online and fax in your order forms to (888) 778-2581 or mail them to us at 3550 Wilshire Blvd #1520, Los Angeles, CA 90010. Your profit on this fundraiser will be 50% of all sales!


Your fundraising products will arrive 3 weeks after you place your order. Receive and distribute the holiday products and gift wrap to your supporters!

About the Catalog Fundraiser

* All items $5.00 - $10.00!
* Keep 50% profit on all sales
* Choose from over 140 gifts and presents
* Perfect school fundraiser
* 100% risk free fundraising

P.S. Order today to receive your fundraising products in 3 weeks. 100% risk free fundraiser!

order fundraiser

Catalog Fundraiser Prizes

Over the Top Prize Program

You can win FREE products for selling just 5 itemsStudents win FREE products based on the number of items sold.
Example: If two people buy five (5) items, the student could pick any $5 item for FREE. If four people purchase 12 items, the student can pick $15 of FREE products. FREE PRODUCT IS BASED ON THE NUMBER OF ITEMS SOLD.

Win Free Products!

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