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Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraiser

Quantity Price per Case Profit
Buy 50 or more cases $100.80 65%
Buy 25-49 cases $115.20 60%
Buy 10-24 cases $129.60 55%
Buy 1-9 cases $144.00 50%
* Each case comes with 4 36-count carriers of candy bars
* Each bar sells for $2, and an entire case sells for $288

Select the type of candy and number of cases:

Chocolatiers 36-count carrier
Ultimate Variety Pack

Start this Chocolatier candy bar Fundraiser
van wyk chocolatier candy bar fundraiser

*  Each bar sells for $2   *  Up to 65% profit   *  Delivered in 3-8 business days   Free candy bar fundraiser shipping

Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to raise?

fundraiser profit # Participants   # Chocolate bars sold each = $-+ profit!

65% Max Chocolate Fundraiser Profit!
Cases Bought Cost per Case You Raise Profit % Your Total Profit!
50+ cases $100.80 $14,112.00+ 65% $9,172.80+
25-49 cases $115.20 $7,200.00 - $14,112.00 60% $4,320.00 - $8,467.20
10-24 cases $129.60 $2,880.00 - $6,912.00 55% $1,584.00 - $3,801.60
1-9 cases $144.00 $288.00 - $2,592.00 50% $72.00 - $1,296.00

candy bar profit idea Each case comes with 4 36-count carriers of candy bars. chocolate fundraiser idea Each bar sells for $2, and an entire case sells for $288.

How Chocolate Candy Bar Fundraising Works

Start this candy bar Fundraiser

chocolate fundraising step 1Order a case of chocolates. Each case comes with 144 chocolate bars.
We recommend 1 case per 2-4 people selling the chocolate bar fundraiser.

chocolate candy bars step 2
Sell each candy bar for $2 (Each case sells for a total of $288.00)

chocolate fundraiser step 3
Make up to 65% Profit on every chocolate bar!

About the Chocolatiers Variety Pack

chocolate bars fundraiser

Chocolatiers are premium candy bars that weigh 2.25 oz. each! Each case contains 4 36-count carriers of candy bars for a total of 144 bars, and each carrier contains:

chocolate fundraising idea 12 Milk Chocolate with Caramel Candy Bars
chocolate candy bar idea 12 Milk Chocolate with Almonds Candy Bars
chocolate fundraiser idea 12 Milk Chocolate with Crispy Rice Candy Bars

Chocolatier candy bars are manufactured by Van Wyk Confections. Van Wyk are top producers of high quality fundraising candy for over twenty years. All candy is guaranteed to be produced and delivered in excellent condition. The chocolate is fresh, creamy, and pleasing even to the most discriminating palate!

About the Ultimate Variety Pack

candy fundraiser

Each case contains 4 30-count carriers of candy snacks, and each carrier contains:

sour gummy worms candy fundraiser 8 Sqwigglies Sour Gummy Worms (3.5 ounce)
cookie dough bites candy fundraiser 8 Cookie Dough Bites (3.1 ounce)
caramel candy bars fundraiser 7 Milk Chocolate with Caramel Candy Bars
almonds candy bar fundraiser 7 Milk Chocolate with Almonds Candy Bars
Start your Chocolatier candy fundraiser today!

order chocolate candy bar fundraiser

P.S. Order now to receive your candy fundraiser in business days! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

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