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Church Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Fast Track Fundraising offers church fundraising ideas and tips that are simple and effective. Whether it's for your missions trip, lowering the cost of the annual church retreat, or just trying to help out the local youth groups, raising funds can be easy and fun for you or anyone else to do.

Why burden yourself out with financial issues when there are much more important things to focus on? Of course you could ask your congregation for money that they would happily donate, but it would sure be awesome if you could give something back in appreciation of their generosity.

And beyond that with our fundraising programs you could also reach out to people outside your congregation!

Church Fundraising Tip #1:

Inform your friends and supporters and to ask them to help
because beyond any monetary donation, their help in advertising your cause and financial need will reach farther than you could ever do alone. It'll just be another excuse to enjoy the company of your friends, and plus a lot more comforting to have someone with you as you ask complete strangers to contribute to your cause and goals. We know, we've been there too!

Church Fundraising Tip #2:

Setup a Table
On days when your church meets, also occasions when you don't feel like moving around too much, all you need to do is set-up a small table to present your merchandise. You then wait and then talk to the passing people about your cause, your monetary goal, and how far you have until you achieve it. Playing a game between you and your friends will attract more people, no need to mention here how much fun you'll be having. Playing a game and raising money?! We told you it'd be fun!

Church Fundraising Tip #3:

Divide into Teams
To make this endeavor even more fun, divide up into different teams and choose a reward for whoever can make the most sales on tours of your neighborhoods, or walks around the park. [For younger fundraisers we suggest you bring along an older person you trust] As for the reward, we suggest a harmless pie into the face of the losers by the winners. It's both entertaining ... and yummy! Mmm. But feel free to create your own ideas, because this will be your adventure!

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