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casino event fundraising

10 Secrets to Casino Fundraising Success

Welcome to Your Casino Fundraiser! Awaiting you is a world that is stylish and glamorous. It's Vegas decked out to a black and white theme! As soon as you step out of your car, you feel like a VIP as you walk over the red carpet, and see the sparkling lights at the entrance. Your senses are indulged as you walk into the Vegas Casino Fundraiser, you feel the excited buzz at the room, the individual casino tables branded with the Organization's logo, and all elements are strategically designed to inspire and engage. Here, you soak it all in as you are greeted with a virgin martini, playfully named after the organization, and here, you will mingle, buzz and try your luck at the casino tables: After all, having fun tonight is going to be for a great cause.
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golf event fundraising

10 Secrets to Golf Tournament Fundraising

Golf fundraising contains many logistical challenges and can take much effort to plan. However, done right, golf tournament fundraisers can become a healthy stream of fundraising dollars and become the hottest tickets in town by incorporating raffles, sponsorships, cash bars, ticket sales, raffles and more - all under one friendly, competitive environment!
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dinner event fundraising

10 Secrets to Dinner Fundraising Success

Imagine .. amongst a ten piece band providing a cool jazz backdrop, you make your way to the elegantly appointed cocktail tables and chairs, which are draped in textured linens and adorned by simple yet beautiful centerpieces, each creatively nestling a logo of the organization. Depending on which cocktail table you decide to rest at, there are different picture frames that depict how your fundraising dollars will be put to good use in the organization's programming. Wow! You learn that your money helps the Organization pay for a specific program you've been noticing in the community, how wonderful!
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These eBooks will teach you in concise, short, simple steps how to plan your most successful fundraiser to date. You'll learn DIRECTLY from award winning, event planning experts, and…

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Do you know what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do? We've seen it ALL over the years, and our ebook will teach you why some casino fundraisers are successful and why some flop. You'll learn from us insider tips and tricks of the event fundraising trade for overall event fundraising success.


Planning an event can be overwhelming if you don't stay organized. Our ebook is chock full of production schedules, budgets, layouts, and checklists that will keep you and your organization on track and with your goals in mind.


Executing an event on the day of is a one-time shot. There are no second takes or third takes! This ebook will teach you how to get it right the first time around and leave no stone unturned on the day of the event, so that you can avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.


Have you heard of fundraisers that end up in the red because they spend more money than they've fundraised? After all, your event is a fundraiser! Learn how to increase your fundraising bottom line by following our proven budgeting formula.


Your goal is to sell out, right? This e-book will teach you how to market and produce your fundraising event so it stands out from the clutter and becomes the talk of the town. It'll be the foundation for future successful, money generating fundraising events!

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