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Sunflower Fundraiser

Mother's Day Sunflower Fundraiser (discontinued)

Brighten up Mother's day with cheerful sunflowers! Each flower sells for $3.00 and raises 50% profit.

  • Perfect for Mother's Day
  • Free ribbon for that special touch
  • No money up front
  • Free FedEx Shipping Free Fundraiser Shipping

Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fundraise?

50% Max Profit!

# Participants # sunflowers sold each = $- profit!

Fundraiser Type Cases Bought Price per Case Profit % Your Total Profit!
Single Sunflowers 1 (min) $80.00 50% $40 per case
Sunflower Grams 1 (min) $80.00 100% $80 per case
Sunflower Bouquet 1 (min) $80.00 66% $55 per case

Each case contains 40 sunflowers, raising you $120.00 per case! (each sunflower sells for $3.00)

How It Works

This fundraiser has been discontinued.

Why Sunflowers?

Yellow is the color of the Year for 2009. In a time of economic uncertainty and political change, the color authority suggests, this warm yellow represents optimism, hope and reassurance, and is appealing to both genders. Look for it on items from ladies accessories to men's ties to home accents.

Mother's Day Sunflower Gram Idea

Package your sunflowers into a Sunflower gram for extra value! Mothers will love that personal touch.

Things You'll Need:
  • Vase (optional)
  • Mother's day card or note
  • 3-4 sunflowers for a bouquet, 1 sunflower for a single flower gram


sun flower gram fundraising idea Step 1:

After ordering and receiving your sunflower fundraiser, select sunflowers that are able to hold their heads up with ease. Sunflowers have very heavy blooms, and older flowers will begin to droop on the stalk. You want to find those that stand tall and firm on their stems.

Step 2:

Tie a ribbon near the head of the flower to create an impressive and cheery Mother's Day gift. Group three or four flowers to create a bouquet!

Step 3 (optional):

Choose a tall, slim vase in which to package your gift of sunflowers if you would rather not sell them in a hand-held bouquet. Sunflowers are very top heavy, so make sure any vases you buy can hold the flowers steady (the water in the vase will help to stabilize it somewhat).

Step 4:

Attach a card that mentions the sunflowers with a ribbon to the stem on the bottom of the bouquet or the flower head. You can create a variety of card messages that supporters can choose from. Sell each sunflower gram for $4.00 or each bouquet for $10.00.

Sunflower Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I receive my sunflower order?
Your order will be shipped promptly via Free FedEx Shipping Overnight Service with a tracking number. You should receive your order in 1–2 business days.

Sunflower Fundraiser Questions 2. How much is shipping and handling or tax?
There is no tax or shipping and handling charged to your order - it is all free! The only cost is the fundraiser itself, which is $80.00 per case.

3. How many sunflowers are included?
Each case of sunflowers contains 40 flowers.

4. How do I get started?
To get started simply place your order online. Before you receive the sunflowers you will want to plan out how you plan to sell or distribute them. One great idea is our Mother's Day Sunflower Gram.

5. What should I do if any flowers are damaged?
We can provide a replacement or offer a refund for the damaged flowers.

6. Can I return unsold flowers?
Sorry, we cannot accept returned flowers.

7. I live in Maine. Can you ship the sunflowers all that way and do they survive the journey well?
Yes! Sunflowers are a very sturdy flower and we have shipped all over the country via overnight delivery and have had few issues with quality.

8. How long will these sunflowers last?
With proper care and water, the vase life will be about 1 week.

9. How big is each sunflower?
Each sunflower averages about 4 inches to 5 inches in diameter (petal to petal). During the summer months the sunflower head size may be a little larger.

10. Can I collect sunflower seeds from these flowers?
No, these varieties are for cut flower production and not for seed production.

Sunflowers make a fantastic Mother's Day Gift. Place your order by May 7th to receive your sunflower fundraiser in time!

P.S. We provide FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING nationwide. 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes left!

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