When raising money at fundraising events, it is up to the organizer to offer guests’ fun and easy games or tactics that will raise money for their non-profit organization. Although totally acceptable, raffles and 50/50 draws are becoming passé. You might want to try something with a little more pizzazz and consider the following game at your next fundraising event!

Heads Or Tails Game

This crowd participation game is a great way to raise funds! Everyone pays and everyone plays, but one lucky person will win a pre-determined grand prize! Here’s how to play:

  • While setting up on the day of the fundraising event, place an envelope marked “HEADS OR TAILS” on every table. (The number of people at each table makes no difference.)
  • When it is time to play the game, have the emcee ask guests to take their seats and have some fun with a “crowd participation game” called “Heads Or Tails.”
  • The emcee will ask that one person at each table become the “banker” and hold onto the envelope. The banker will then collect a pre-determined amount of money from each person at the table ($2, $5, $10, $25, whatever your committee has decided is an appropriate amount). Base the dollar value on the type of crowd you have and the value of the prize you are giving away.
  • After the money has been placed in each envelope, designated volunteers will walk around to collect the envelopes from each banker. If you prefer, the bankers can bring the envelopes up to the emcee. After all the envelopes have been collected, the game begins.
  • Everyone who put money into the envelopes will be asked to stand. The emcee will have a coin in his/her hand.
  • Before the emcee flips the coin, those who are standing must decide if the coin will come up “heads” or “tails.”
  • Those who think the coin will come up “heads” must place their hands on their head. Those who believe the coin will come up “tails” must put their hands on their derriere!
  • When the guests have placed their hands appropriately, the emcee tosses the coin.
  • If the coin comes up “heads,” for example, those with their hands on their heads remain standing. Those who made the wrong choice must sit down; they are now out of the game.
  • The placing of hands and tossing of the coin continues until there are only a few people left standing. Those individuals will then be asked to go to the stage and continue playing until only one person is left standing.
  • The last person standing wins the game and a pre-determined prize. It is best to have a prize to which everyone can relate to i.e. a dining certificate at a fabulous restaurant, an evening for two at a hotel or bed and breakfast or a deluxe wine/food basket. Choose a prize suitable for both a male and a female – no skill saws or beauty makeovers!
  • In the event of a tie, the game must continue with the two remaining participants until one person finally wins or the participants decide to share the prize.

Remember, one of the main goals of any fundraising event is to keep the guests entertained and ensure they have fun. Put raffles and 50/50 draws on the shelf and chose a game that provides entertainment value and raise extra money too!