One of the most common ways to raise funds is through a concert. Everybody loves good music once in a while. For this type of fundraiser, it would be good to get an array of singers and musicians. The organizers should choose a venue for this event. An open space area would be good for it can accommodate a lot of people. Furthermore it would not be so cramped. The organizers should already have an estimated number of attendees so they can choose a place for this. However if you would choose to have this concert done outdoors, make sure that it is not during rainy seasons as no one would go if it does rain.

The next thing the organizers should look into would be which musicians and singers to ask. It would be good to pick current artists and classic artists to be able to bridge the generation gap and get people from different generations. Look for artists that are willing to sing for free or a very very low cost to help out your cause. Decide on the number of hours you would want your concert to last and from there decide on how many artists and singers you would invite over. Do invite more than the allotted number of artists in case one or two might cancel out last minute. If all artists do confirm, fix the schedule by giving each group or individual a lesser number of sets to sing. If someone would cancel, then arrange with the artists or singers to probably sing another extra one or two sets each.

Most importantly do get sponsors to pay for the venue and the costs of the preparation for the stage, sound system and lightings. As it is a concert, each company or individual that would sponsor would definitely get full exposure and it would aid them in their business. So finding sponsors would definitely be easy. Also invite some food establishments to sell their wares at the venue. Arrange with them that a certain percentage would go to the cause in order to add to the expected amount for the cause.

As it is a concert, it would be advisable to advertise at malls, schools and heavily populated areas. Do not make the prices very expensive to ensure that many people would be able to attend. Posters should be placed at different venues to ensure that many people would indeed know about these events. Also try to advertise over the radio. Contact radio stations that play music in order for listeners to be well aware that there is such a concert that would be held at a certain date. Do regular radio advertisements to reach out to many listeners. Lastly spread out the word through emails and websites. It will be able to reach people who do not regularly go to malls and listen to the radio. But the best form of advertisement would be through word of mouth. Talk to friends about it and get them to tell other people about it too.