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high profit fundraising cards
  • High profit fundraisers
  • Free design, free shipping, full turn-key solutions
  • Premade or customized fundraising cards

Choose a high profit fundraising card

discount fundraising card pizza fundraising card dinner and a movie fundraising card
Discount Card Fundraiser
Create your own annual discounts
Pizza Card Fundraiser
Pizza card with preset discounts
Dinner & a Movie Fundraiser
Discounts for over 100,000 locations
Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraiser scratch fundraising card photo gift card fundraiser
Restaurant.com Gift Card Fundraiser
Premade Gift Card to Restaurant.com
Scratch N Donate Fundraiser
Raise $100 per card
Photo Gift Card Fundraiser
Gift Card for Photo Studios

Fundraising Card Comparison
Premade discountsCustomizableScratch-Off DiscountsMultiple Use Discounts Minimum Order

Discount Card Fundraiser

yes yes  100 cards

Pizza Card Fundraiser

yes yes   100 cards

Restaurant.com Card Fundraiser

yes  10 cards

Photo Gift Card Fundraiser

yes  25 cards

Dinner & a Movie Card

yes yes  75 cards


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Fast Track Fundraising has specialized in Fundraising Cards for more than 10 years. You can call us toll free (888) 778-2580 and one of our fundraising specialists can walk you through all aspects of Discount Card Fundraising Ideas. As you can see above we have picked some of the best Card Fundraisers choices for you to consider above. You can start any of these fundraisers directly online and get started right away.

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