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Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Let's talk about easy Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups. There is no doubt that larger groups can benefit from higher profit percentages on lots of fundraising programs. However things have changed a lot of over the years as more and more fundraisers have been designed with smaller groups or even individuals in mind.

Instead of comparing things offered to extremely large groups you're better off simply looking at what is being offered to groups your size and choosing based on the facts. So here is some advice on choosing the best easy fundraising ideas for small groups.

First and foremost decide whether or not you want to spend money to purchase products like candy, discount cards or scratch cards. Those options include the highest profits and are the easiest to administer. There is little need for volunteer help. Each seller can act independently. So if you have money to spend upfront you should look at those some of the options below within those categories. Candy is extremely easy to sell and there are now discount card programs with minimum orders as low as 25 cards.

If your group doesn't have any money there are lots of no upfront cost fundraisers to choose from. In fact many of our brochure fundraisers offer the same profit percentages no matter how many items you sell so small groups get the same offer as larger groups. The bottom line is that there are lots of easy fundraisers for small groups and even individuals.

We offer this page as a great place to start and end your search for small group fundraising ideas!

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