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3 Steps to Fundraising Success

Ideas for a successful fundraiser Piecing together a successful fundraiser can be tough work, but it doesn't have to be that way. Follow our easy three-step guideline to turn your struggling fundraising campaign a huge hassle-free success.

Step One: Set Goals

Setting goals will focus your fundraising campaign and provide clear targets to hit. Without clear targets, the campaign will drag on and lack direction.

  • Get people together. How many people will be helping out? The more people you have, the more funds you will raise. Fundraising is a numbers game.
  • Establish a clear financial goal. How much does your group need to raise? Knowing this amount will help you choose a fundraiser suited to your needs, as well as determine how much each person needs to raise.
  • Decide on a timeline. When do you need the money you are raising? Set a specific beginning and ending date for your fundraiser and stick to it.

Step Two: Plan Your Fundraiser

  • Select your fundraising program early to assure ample time for planning, especially during holiday seasons. If the school or community has a planning calendar, be sure your event is included. Stagger fundraising activities to avoid competing with other groups.
  • Avoid "fundraising fatigue" among parents and volunteers by conducting fewer programs that are more effective individually.
  • Do not let your organization's profits be eaten away by "hidden" costs (e.g. for shipping, setup costs, etc) -- ask questions ahead of time and make the necessary adjustments.

Step Three: Manage Your Fundraiser

  • Keep energy levels high by communicating before, during and after the program - remind parents, teachers and other volunteers of the fundraiser's goals and deadlines, provide frequent status reports and updates.
  • Avoid shipping and ordering problems by working closely with volunteers to assure that all order forms are legible and filled out completely.
  • Do not forget to communicate with absentees who miss the program's kick-off or other important meetings.

But the most important tip of all .. HAVE FUN! With the right approach, fundraising can be educational and enjoyable for everyone.

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