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Seasonal Shoppers Fundraising

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How Seasonal Shoppers Fundraising Works

Request brochures to be mailed to you, or download a brochure and start taking orders!

Tally your orders together and place your order online or call us toll free. You will receive your products in 7-10 business days.

Distribute your products and collect your money - make up to 50% profit on all sales!

How It Works - 4 easy steps to a holiday product fundraiser


Request FREE Fundraising Brochures from us (or download and print the PDF catalog).


We will mail you a 24-page full color catalog so you can start your fundraiser and start taking orders. Download our handy fundraising success checklist to get the most out of your fundraiser, and additional order forms if you are super successful!


After you have finished your fundraising drive you will need to send us one part of the 2 part order form. Once we have confirmed your order, we will email you a prepaid mailing label so that you can mail your order forms to us.


Your fundraising products will arrive 3 weeks after you place your order. Receive and distribute the holiday products and gift wrap to your supporters!

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