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Motivate Your Fundraising Team

Motivate your fundraising team You’ve assembled the team, prepared your materials, and your fundraising campaign’s off to a great start – so doesn’t everyone seem happy and excited? When campaigns begin, almost everyone gets on board with enthusiasm, but it’s easy to lose that sense of urgency – and fun – as time goes by. Here are three surefire ways to get the most out of your fundraising team:

1: Set different goals and give regular updates
Milestones are important in any aspect of life. They break things up into achievable segments and provide a finish line to shoot for. When it comes to fundraising, set a variety of goals, both big and small. When your team gets close to one, make sure everyone knows about it, and then celebrate as a team when you get there.

2: Give incentives
Everyone likes winning prizes and it’s easy to have incentives that fit your budget. Many affordable items, such as pizza coupons, tickets, and gift cards, can give your team the extra boost they need to achieve your goals.

3: Stay positive and have fun
Nothing keeps the human spirit more motivated than one simple word: fun! If your team is enjoying themselves, then they’ll approach fundraising with enthusiasm every time. Think of ways to keep things fresh and fun – anything from awarding silly prizes for the top fundraiser to offering upbeat, positive praise. When individuals truly become a team, they look for each other, care for each other, and laugh with each other – and then anything is possible.

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