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Non Profit Fundraisers

The Top Non Profit Fundraisers Options
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There is a such a large demand for non profit fundraising ideas because there are so many different charitable organizations and non profits that are always searching for new ways to raise money. Fast Track Fundraising is uniquely qualified to lend a hand. We help more than 10,000 groups in their money raising efforts every single year and we can help you and your organization as well.

On this page we've identified many different non profit organizations and linked to page we created with more specific information on that specific group. You can start by searching for your type of charity or if your group type is not shown you might choose one that is similar in nature. On those pages we will talk about the best fundraising products for you to consider based on the results from other like groups.

If your non profit is unique and doesn't fit neatly into one of the categories we created pages for you can always check out the fundraisers we suggest on this page. We know that non profits typically don't have money set aside to purchase fundraising products to sell so we offer one of the widest selection of no upfront cost fundraisers. These are a non profits best friend because these programs cost nothing to start yet offer the potential to raise a lot of money very easily. You'll find lots of easy to sell products that offer attractive profit margins. You can also qualify for free shipping on all of those campaigns.

The one thing our fundraisers have in common is that they include items supporters of your non profit purchase on a regular basis. We believe the easiest ways to raise money is to sell something to someone who would be purchasing that item whether you were holding a non profit fundraiser or not. So let us help you and your group raise the money you need today.


Most Common Non Profit Fundraisers Groups:

Boy Scout Fundraisers

Check out the great Boy Scout fundraising ideas we have to offer including many that costs nothing to get started. If you need to raise money this is the place to find the best ways.


Breast Cancer Fundraising

If you are looking for Breast Cancer fundraising ideas we would like you to consider the breast cancer fundraisers we have highlighted on this page. We help individuals and groups all over the country every year so we know what other groups just like yours have done to raise the money they needed. It does not matter what size your Breast Cancer fundraising group is or whether you need to raise a


Cancer Fundraising

Whether you are an individual fundraiser or are fundraising with a team the fact of the matter is you want to choose the best cancer fundraising products to meet your particular goal. On this page we discuss some suggestions on fundraising ideas that have worked for other people raising money for cancer related causes.


Cub Scout Fundraising

You can choose high profit Pizza Fundraising Cards, flower bulb fundraiser or our candy fundraisers. On this page you'll find options to satisfy any Cub Scout fundraising needs.


Family Reunion Fundraising

If you are looking for Family Reunion fundraising ideas we would like you to consider the family reunion fundraisers we have highlighted on this page. We help people all over the country every year so we know what other groups just like yours have done to raise the money they needed.


Individual Fundraising

Fundraising is most effective in groups, but if you are an individual looking for a fundraiser, you can choose from one of the fundraising ideas that have no money up front (like the magazine fundraiser or catalog fundraisers), have a low number of items to sell (like the Kettle Corn Fundraiser or Fortune Cookie Fundraiser), or can raise a lot for an individual (like the spinners fundraiser or scratch


Political Fundraising

Types of Political Fundraisers Direct Sales Fundraiser Your political fundraising party orders an inventory of fundraising products to be sold by your volunteers. The product is provided to your volunteers who sell the product, deliver it, and collect payment, usually in one trip. Examples fundraising products are lollipops, beef jerky, or discount cards. Brochure Fundraiser Also called pre-sales,


Relay For Life Fundraising

Relay for Life Fundraising Ideas Hopefully one of the Relay for Life fundraising ideas that we highlighted on this page will work well for your team. We help more than 6,000 fundraising groups every single year and they raised nearly $20,000,000 last year alone.


Recent Fundraisers:

Extreme Junior Vbc raised $768.00 with Lollipops fundraiser - Jan 1
Palmyra-macedon Track And Field raised $2,720.00 with discount card fundraiser - Dec 21
Success Gymkhana Association raised $1,540.00 with Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraiser - Dec 21
Shelton High School Dance Team raised $594.00 with Jack Links Beef Jerky fundraiser - Dec 20
York Middle School raised $1,190.00 with Restaurant.com Gift Card fundraiser - Dec 19

Fast Track Fundraising has specialized in Relay For Life Fundraising for more than 10 years. You can call us toll free (888) 778-2580 and one of our fundraising specialists can walk you through all aspects of Relay For Life Fundraisers . As you can see above we have picked some of the best Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas choices for you to consider above. You can start any of these fundraisers directly online and get started right away.

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