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Pizza Card Fundraiser

Pizza card fundraiser

Supporter Gets: $200 in savings at a local pizza store.

Each discount card provides a 'buy one get one free' deal that can be used 20 times.

Your Group Gets: $7+ profit on every pizza card!

How It Works

We have partnered with thousands of pizza stores nationwide so you don't have to contact them!
Simply search for a FastTrack Pizza Partner near your zip code:

* If you wish to signup your own store, choose our local favorites card.

Order your pizza fundraising cards. We recommend 5 fundraising cards per fundraising participant. If a group of 40 sells 5 cards each, your total profit will be $1,900!

  • Place your order online.
  • Cards will print, ship, and arrive at your location by Wednesday, April 30th (one week delivery)
  • In a rush? No problem - UPS next day & 2nd day available!

  • Sell your pizza fundraising cards for $10 each. Each pizza fundraising card contains 20 punch-outs; supporters get over $200 of free pizza for a $10 donation, making this card an easy sell.

  • Read Tips on selling the cards and making your fundraiser a success.
  • Reorder more cards as necessary! Quick delivery within one week.

  • Pizza card fundraiser

    Our Pizza Card Fundraiser benefits everybody

    Businesses like them because they bring in more customers.

    Supporters like them because they save money on yummy pizza.

    Fundraising groups like them because they are easy to sell.

    Pricing & Profit - how much do you want to raise?

    # Participants # Pizza Cards sold each = $- profit!

    Cards Ordered Your Cost Per Card Free Cards* Profit Margin Your Total Profit!
    100 $3.00 20 90% $900
    200 $3.00 50 95% $1,900
    300 $3.00 80 97% $2,900
    400 $3.00 100 95% $3,800
    500 $3.00 125 95% $4,750
    750 $3.00 200 98% $7,250
    1,000 $3.00 300 100% $10,000
    * Free cards are not available for Papa John's DC, MD, and VA.
    * Each card is sold for $10 and contains 20 punch-outs. Each card is valid for at least one year.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this card only valid at only one locations or all locations?

    The cards are store and address specific. We can use up to 3 addresses for the same brand on one card.

    I don’t see a participating pizza location

    This means that there are currently no participating pizza locations in your area. You have two options:

    a) Sign Up Your Own Local Store
    1. Download the merchant agreement form and approach pizzerias in your local area by asking them to support your fundraiser. If they are willing to support your fundraiser, have them fill out and sign the merchant agreement form.
    2. Order a local discount card.
    3. We will design and print your card for you! Orders less than 500 cards take about one week, 500 cards or more will take about two weeks.

    b) Choose a different premade discount card
    1. Dinner and a Movie Discount Card
    2. Restaurant.com Gift Card

    How long will it take for me to receive my cards?

    Once your order has been processed, it will take 3 – 6 business days for you to receive your cards.

    Is there a minimum number of cards I need to buy?

    There is a 100 card minimum order.

    Are these cards customized?

    The cards will have your organization name printed on the front of the card.

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