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Tips & Ideas for a Successful Pizza Card Fundraiser

Ideas for a successful fundraiser

So you have your cards, are ready to raise some money, but are unsure what the best approach is to selling your cards? Below are some hints, tips, and strategies that have been collected that will help make selling your Pizza Cards a breeze! Before you start reading below we suggest start off by reading our general Fundraising Tips page first.

Picking a Time & Place To Sell

You don't want to sell your cards door to door so picking a good spot is important.

  • People are generally out doing things on the weekends during the day when they are not at work and have time to catch up. This is the best time to sell the most cards.
  • You want to choose a spot that has a high volume of people passing through. We suggest choosing a grocery store near the Domino's that is participating in the fundraisers.

Card Selling Tips

You don't have to do them all, but following some of the selling tips will increase your sales and raise more money.

  • Set up a table with your cards displayed on it. Print out something that says your organization on it or what you are raising funds for and post it on the front of your table. Have a bowl of candy for kids to grab. Also, print out (in color preferably) what you are selling and post it on top of your table next to the cards. Point out the benefits of buying the card on this page. This will draw the attention of the people who are passing by. You can make your own or use the one we made! Make an attractive table for people and they will be attracted to it.
  • Setting up a table will not be enough. Be outgoing! Say hi to people, smile, etc. Pay attention and try to get eye contact with people. Do a mini sales pitch to people who you might think this card is great for (like someone with kids for example) as they walk by. Creative questions like "Want to save yourself a night of cooking with free pizza and also help my group raise funds at the same time?" or "Do you like free pizza?" are a good way to start a conversation with someone and get their attention.
  • If you sense someone is interested then don't hesitate to point out the benefits of this card. A couple benefits you can point out are "It will save you a night of having to cook" "It is near impossible to not make your money back if you buy this card ... The card pays for itself after only 2 uses" "In total you will save over $200 with this card that you would normally be spending on a second pizza" or "This card is good for a year so there is no rush in using all 20 of your free pizzas".
  • Be excited about selling your card. People will sense it and be more obliged to purchase one. Smile, be friendly, and make them excited as you about the Pizza Card.
  • When speaking with someone, Include why you are selling this card and why you are raising funds. People are more inclined to purchase something, even if they don't plan on using it, if they know it is for a good cause.
  • Sell in pairs of 2 and have others in your group in different nearby locations at the same time. Contact with as many people as possible is the key. People need to see you!
  • Arrange with your group to have an AM shift and a PM shift (1 hour or 2 hour shifts are all that is needed). This way you can get the people who like to shop in the morning and the people who like to shop at the end of the day before the sun goes down.

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