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FastTrack Fundraising offers highly effective, easy, and fast PTO fundraising ideas. We have helped thousands of school PTO groups meet their fundraising goals - ranging from $200 to $20,000. We can do the same for you!


Most Popular PTO Fundraising Ideas

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More About PTO Fundraising:

Major Fall Fundraiser

Usually fundraising products: catalog, gift-wrap, candy, etc. Can raise 60 percent to 70 percent of your annual budget.
The Key: Choose carefully. Focus on your mission, not the money or product. Publicity is crucial; shout from the hilltops.
Look Out For: Don’t get caught in the profit percentage trap. Service, product quality, and reliability are just as important.


Spaghetti suppers, school family (fun) nights, etc. More important as involvement-builders than as moneymakers.
The Key: Focus on fun, involvement; events can be powerful for your group and school.
Look Out For: They often take strong organization to be done well. Typically, events are not large moneymakers.


Box tops, labels, inkjet cartridges, etc. These programs let you turn trash into cash.
The Key: Pick the right programs for you; not all are created equal. Active programs (contests, prizes, etc.) work best.
Look Out For: Don’t do them all. You don’t want to become known as that always-on fundraising group.


Retailer credit cards, grocery receipts, scrip, etc. Supporters shop and you earn.
The Key: Little downside, especially with grocers. Make the case for participation clearly to your best supporters.
Look Out For: Don’t expect to break the bank; strong returns require very strong, constant promotion.

The Extras

T-Shirts, bumper stickers, kids’ art, etc. You have more choices than ever.

The Key: Choose wisely and decide which ones best fit your group.
Look Out For: Don’t overdo. Running four or five sales a year is too much.

Second Big Sale

Like the fall fundraiser, many groups turn up the sales heat again in the spring, often with less of a holiday focus.
The Key: Can work well, especially if centered on an event or tradition. (Mother’s Day flowers, anyone?)
Look Out For: Do you need it? Consider working to increasing fall profits by 50 percent instead.
(Source: PTOToday.com)

Recent Fundraisers:

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Fast Track Fundraising has specialized in PTO Fundraising for more than 10 years. You can call us toll free (888) 778-2580 and one of our fundraising specialists can walk you through all aspects of PTO Fundraisers . As you can see above we have picked some of the best PTO Fundraising Ideas choices for you to consider above. You can start any of these fundraisers directly online and get started right away.