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Sub Sandwich Fundraising Cards

Up to 90% Profit, no up-front payment, no minimum order

Everybody loves sub sandwiches. Everybody loves free stuff. Combine the two, and you have our Buy One Get One Sub Sandwich Card! Go into any participating Sub Sandwich store and buy a 6" sub and medium drink at regular price and get a 6" sub FREE!

Subway Fundraising Card front

Pricing & Profit - how much do you want to raise? Call for pricing.

* Each card is typically sold for $10

How It Works

Ask your Local Sandwich Store to support your fundraiser by offering discounts. It will bring in free business for them!

  • Download the merchant agreement form: Click Here (PDF, 60kb)
  • Fax the signed agreement forms back to us at: 1-888-778-2581

  • Order Your sandwich discount card. No money required upfront! You can pay 15 days later.

  • Place your order online: click here.
  • Our professional graphics team will design your fundraising card - free of charge!

  • Sell your sandwich discount card for $10 each, making up to $9 on each card - 90% profit! (Depending on how many cards you purchase - See Profit Chart)

  • Read Tips on selling the cards and making your fundraiser a success.
  • Reorder more cards and find out about special discounts for repeat fundraising groups.

  • Free Sandwich Card Samples

    If a sub sandwich store has not participated in this fundraiser in the past it is easy to get them onboard! Just print this form out below and drop it off for a manger to read. Don't forget to include a cover letter (on official letterhead if possible) describing your group, why you are raising funds, how this is free advertising for them, brings them in business, and is completely free for them to participate!

    Download Our Merchant Agreement Form

    (Form is a 41k PDF File - Requires Adobe Reader)
    Get Adobe Reader

    Our Sub Sandwich Fundraiser benefits everybody

    Businesses like them because they bring in more customers.

    Supporters like them because they save money and get great discounts.

    Fundraising groups like them because they are highly profitable, free to start, and easy to sell.

    Our Sub Sandwich Fundraiser is a proven success and it'll help your group - we guarantee it.

    Sandwich Card Fundraising Tips & Resources:

    Need Some Tips On Increasing Your Sales?

    Wondering what the best way to sell these cards is? Go read our selling hints and tips page and increase your sales!

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