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Scratch Card Fundraiser


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Fundraising Scratch Cards are one the most profitable fundraising products.

We offer the widest selection of Scratch Card Fundraisers available and we offer the highest no gimmick profit margins. You and your group can make 90% profit on many of our programs. Anyone offering higher profits is most likely using a gimmick such as charging you higher prices and offering free cards as profit enchancers. When you compare our low prices you will see we offer the highest real profit.

We offer 20 different scratch cards so that any group needing to raise money has the fundraising card that best fits their groups needs.

Recent Fundraisers:

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Fast Track Fundraising has specialized in Scratch Card Fundraising for more than 10 years. You can call us toll free (888) 778-2580 and one of our fundraising specialists can walk you through all aspects of Scratch Card Fundraisers. As you can see above we have picked some of the best Scratch Card Fundraising Ideas choices for you to consider above. You can start any of these fundraisers directly online and get started right away.

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