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Soccer Scratch Card Fundraiser

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Cards Bought Cost Per Card Each Card Raises Your Profit $ Your Profit %
100 $10.00 $100.00 $9,000 90%
25 $12.00 $100.00 $2,200 88%
10 $15.00 $100.00 $850 85%
1 min. $30.00 $100.00 $70 70%

Have you ever tried a scratch card fundraiser?

There are a lot of different options and soccer fundraising ideas that you can choose. But if you are looking for high profits, easy to do fundraising that you should consider our soccer scratch card fundraiser. We have designed our soccer Fundraising Scratch Cards as a great way for your group to raise money.

You get people to scratch off two of 50 concealed dots, request that amount as a donation and then give that donor a sheet of national coupons as a thank you gift. Your group will make a minimum of 70% profit once all 50 dots are scratched off. It really is one of the highest profit soccer fundraisers available.

After you receive each donation you will give each donor is given a valuable sheet of national coupons as a thank you for their donation. The coupons have a face value of more than $100.

You can order as little as 1 scratch card at a time. We will imprint your group name on your cards free of charge. Shipping is free. Each card raises $100. Get FREE shipping on all orders.

Customer Reviews : Scratch-N-Give Fundraiser

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Avg. Customer Review (4.8 Stars): 5 Stars
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Great, September 18, 2010
Reviewer: Jennifer Ramsey from Berea Youth League Cowboys Cheerleading
5 Stars
28 of 31 people found this review helpful

I would tell people that the service was outstanding! The man helping me was easy to get in touch with helped me with all my questions and got my fundraiser delivered on time & I was impressed with the quality of the cards.

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Easy fundraising, March 16, 2008
Reviewer: Susan from Golden Knights Basketball
4.5 Stars
49 of 61 people found this review helpful

This fundraiser is very efficient and very easy. It teaches the kids skills they need to be successful in their endeavors and the kids do most of the work, which is great! The order comes quickly and very well organized. It is very easy to keep track of the cards and the money. We ordered the bracelets and the kids love them and enjoy giving them out to donors. We used ziploc bags for each of the kids to keep their bracelets in when they are fundraising. We had 100% participation from our team and the money is still coming in. We offered incentives for the kids and have given them due dates for all monies. I would recommend this fundraiser and already have to another team.

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