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The New World of Online Fundraising

The New World of Online Fundraising It wasn’t too long ago when fundraising just involved car washes and magazine sales. After the internet revolution of the past decade, things have changed, and a brave new world is available for fundraising. Online fundraising comes with many benefits including a worldwide reach, instant communication via email, and more choices than ever before.

FastTrack Fundraising is here to help you jump right into this new world with three unique opportunities that offer simple, fun, and effective online fundraising:

Magazines: Raise funds while offering your friends and family the magazines they want at a great price. FastTrack Fundraising sets up your own personalized store with subscription rates up to 85% off normal rates. Simply email your friends and family and your organization will start receiving monthly checks with 40% of proceeds – it’s that easy! [More Info: Magazine Fundraising]

Credit Cards: These days, credit cards are almost a necessity thanks to online shopping and membership requirements. Now you can help your friends and family fulfill this need while raising funds for your organization. Just set up a web page through FastTrack Fundraising and let everyone know about it; you’ll get $15 for every application that clears AND you’ll give your friends and family what they need. [More Info: Credit Card Fundraising]

Fundathon: With online donations, fundraising can now be done fast, secure, and convenient. Just register with FastTrack Fundraising and you’ll get your very own web page that shows donators how close you are to your goal. There’s no more digging around for a checkbook or asking for cash; with the Fundathon, it’s just a few simple clicks and donations are transferred via a secure server towards your goal. [More Info: Fund-A-Thon Online Donations]

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