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Toolbar Fundraiser Powered by Yahoo Search

  • 100% free, no cost to you or your supporters
  • Raise 10c for every sponsored search click
  • Improve communication with your supporters

How It Works

Your organization signs up for a free real time communication and fundraising toolbar powered by Yahoo. We will create and email you your toolbar within 2 business days. You send your customized toolbar to everyone in your organization, your family, friends, and anyone willing to help your cause. Your organization raises money from the comfort of home!

How Your Group Raises Money
Every time someone uses your toolbar to search and clicks on one of the sponsored results, your organization earns 10 cents!
Let's say your organization has 100 members:
Each member clicks twice each day, which is 6,000 clicks per month.
At 10 cents per click, that's $600 per month!

FastTrack Fundraising will build your organization a customized toolbar free of charge. That's right; there will never be one dollar in out-of-pocket expense to your organization. You are in total control of the look and content of the customized toolbar. Also, please know that there are never any pop-ups, spyware or adware.

Your members and supporters download the toolbar to their computers (absolutely FREE of charge). The download process takes 40 seconds or less and is compatible for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Your organization’s custom toolbar provides ongoing communication, gives your supporters a daily connection with your organization, and is a constant stream of revenue. Your supporters will be proud to have your organization’s toolbar on their computer browser. The toolbar will not replace their existing toolbars and is totally non-intrusive.

Our Clients Include:

Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser Salvation Army Fundraiser United Way Fundraiser Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fundraiser

Hundreds of clubs and alumni associations within universities, hundreds of public schools, private schools, youth sports teams, church youth groups, missionaries, marching bands, and many more!

Sample Fundraising Toolbars

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to our organization?
The main benefit is to raise needed dollars, enhance communication, and stay in front of your audience.

Is there any up-front cost to get started?
No. There is NO charge to set up a customized fundraising Toolbar; your only expense is getting the word out to your audience, and there is NO cost to your audience.

How much can our organization make?
Your revenue potential is unlimited. It depends on the amount of people using the Customized fundraising Toolbar, which can bring you a return in the form of e-commerce, as well as fees from searches via the toolbar.

Who will be in charge of the technology and support?
We will handle all the technical and support issues.

Who will be in charge of changing content?
We make all changes based on what you want as far as look and content.

What equipment do I need?
We use our own server, so you only need a PC that is connected to the Internet to interact with the system.

How do we get the word to our users to download the toolbar?
You simply use your current communication channels to announce your organization’s customized fundraising toolbar. In addition, you have can utilize the web site page created by us for you to use to communicate the details about the fundraising program to your audience.

Will there be any spyware, adware or viruses, pop ups, or will this replace my current toolbars?
No, never.

What browser do end users need? Will it work with MAC?
Our fundraising toolbar works with both Internet Explorer and Firefox - the two standards. If your Mac has Firefox or Internet Explorer it is compatible for MAC.

Does the end user need any additional software to run the fundraising toolbar?
No, just a PC, Internet access and Internet Explorer or Firefox.

How do we keep track of dollars raised and downloads?
We supply you with on-line access to review reports that will make it easy for you to check the number of people downloading by the day-week-month-year, as well as the revenue you are generating through this easy fundraising program.

How often do we receive the funds raised from searches and advertisement?
Per agreement (monthly, after initial 45 day set up period that starts the last day of the initial month of the active toolbar).

Do we have a right to audit?
You may audit anytime per the agreement, everything is tracked electronically.

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