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Best fundraising ideas for Schools, Sports Teams, Churches, Non Profits, and Individuals that need to raise money.

School Fundraising Ideas

Fund the tools to help you and your students raise the bar in education.

Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Give the home team the financial support
they need for the right equipment.

Sports Fundraisers

Church Fundraising Ideas

Raise the support you need to back
mission trips or church projects.

Church Fundraisers


Non Profit & Service

Support your cause and organize supporters to help fund your group.

Non Profit Fundraisers

Candy & Lollipops

Satisfy your sweet tooth and reach your
goal at the same time.

Candy Fundraising

Brochure Sales

Sell the highest quality products to friends and family with no cost upfront.

No Cost Upfront Fundraisers


Discount Cards

A customized fundraiser that supports
local business and you at the same time.

Fundraising Cards

Scratch Cards

Try something different with this unique
and highly profitable custom fundraiser.

Scratch Card Fundraisers

Raise Money Online

Sell products through Facebook and
take donations online for your cause.

Online Fundraisers


Fundraising Ideas for a Rapidly Changing World

Fast Track Fundraising has been helping with fundraisers for schools, non profits, sports and church groups for more than 10 years. Over that time period we’ve helped groups raise more than $50,000,000. So we’ve obviously learned a thing or two about which fundraisers work and which don’t. So let us help you.

Lots of things have been changing in fundraising. Did you know that rising chocolate and beef prices has completely changed candy fundraising? Major manufacturers like Hershey's and Mar's have either left industry or have priced themselves out of the market. The same is true with many beef products. With beef at record prices beef based products have begun to shrink just like candy bars have. Of course there are still good choices if you want a candy fundraiser.

When you think back 10 or 20 years there's not a lot you do now that's the same as you did back then. The same is true of fundraising,

We believe that every group should be able to raise the money they need without a lot of stress or grief. We want to help from the moment you start looking for the best fundraiser and continue helping to making sure you’ve made the highest profits when you’re done.

We firmly believe that the most important step is choosing the best fundraiser so we’ve designed our site to help you do that. At the top of the page you will see links to sections showing the top fundraisers by group type. We really suggest you start with this resource because it will show you which products have been working for your group type.

If there are specific fundraising products you are interested in, we also have overview sections designed to offer in depth information by product group. If you want to talk to one of our fundraising advisors call us toll free 1-888-778-2580.


Cookie Dough Fundraising
$10 Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Cookie dough has been one of the top fundraiser products for years. This no upfront program is perfect for medium to large groups. Our new $10 price point has group after group reporting record cookie dough sales.

How it works....

Discount Card Fundraiser
Discount Card Fundraiser

Sell discount cards that supporters love and will buy year after year. Choose and sign up your own merchants for the highest possible profits anywhere.

How it works.... Fundraiser
Earth Candle Fundraiser

Earth candles have been our top candle fundraiser for the past 4 years. If you are looking for a fundraiser that has no upfront cost and offers a top notch product that is easy to sell you should consider this fundraiser.

How it works....

Lollipop Fundraiser
Lollipop Fundraising

Lollipop fundraisers are a no brainer for so many groups. Most of our lollipops sell for $.50 so they are very affordable. You make 50% profit. There's only a one case minimum and shipping is FREE.

How it works....

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We provide fundraising products and easy fundraising ideas for non profit organizations. When you start a fundraiser with us, you are supported from start to finish with a personal fundraising consultant. Shop with confidence! Groups nationwide choose us year after year for our quality of service and extended, no-money up front payment plans.

We strongly believe product fundraising offers schools, sports and church groups a unique opportunity to raise money making high profits selling products people are accustomed to purchasing to support a fundraising effort.

However we also know that product fundraising is not the only option out there. We want to be viewed as a top resource for all fundraising ideas so we want to offer some fundraisers that do no require any product sales as well.

1. One of the best new fundraisers for elementary and middle schools that we've seen in a long time is an old-fashioned read-a-thon but done digitally. We suggest you consider the Read-a-thon Fundraising Company.

2. Simply ask for donations. You can do that with your own campaign or you can use a company like GoFundMe or Rally.

3. Car Washes are also a good way to raise money. You'll need a good location and lots of promotional activitiy. And you will need lots of volunteers.

4. Partnering with local restaurants is also a great fundraising idea. Many local restaurants will gladly share some of the revenue brought in on a specific night if you agree to heavily promote the event. The restaurant is obviously looking for increased sales so your group would have to be large enough for them to justify participation.

5. Raffles are another great way to raise money, especially for larger groups. It helps if you can get a company or individual to donate an attractive prize that makes people more likely to purchase multiple tickets.

The Best Fundraising Ideas

We hope you will think about Fast Track Fundraising each and every time you need to raise money. We are always here to help you make the best decision for your group.


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Beef Jerky Fundraiser : Great Fundraiser5 Star Fundraiser
"I have been using these guys for a few years now to do my fundraising. The beefsticks are the best and the kids love them. I've never had any problems and they've gone out of their way to help me get exactly what I need. Joe G. is the best." - Rachel Ham, Crestline PTO (01-10-2012)

Awareness Bracelet Fundraiser : Fundraiser for a co-worker Mike Frisch5 Star Fundraiser
"I work for the railroad and we raised $4000.00 selling bracelets. Best fundraiser out there. The bracelets sell themselves." - Rob, Do the right thing (08-13-2011)

Smencils Fundraiser : Smencils Rock!5 Star Fundraiser
"Our Smencils sales were fantastic! The students absolutely LOVE them and always ask for more. We only bought 500 because we are a small school, but we could have sold three times that! The best part is that they are made from 100% recycled newspaper, so our students who were learning about the loss of the world's rainforests were eager to promote their sales. The proceeds went to the Rainforest Alliance, where we help preserve acres of rainforest habitat. Thanks to Smencils, the children's influence on their world grows by acres every year!" - Laura P., Clear Fork TAG class (05-27-2011)

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