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Lollipop Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions for our lollipop fundraiser. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please email us at or call us Toll Free at 1-888-778-2580.

  1. How many lollipops come in a case?
    Each case of lollipops come with 576 lollipops that are sold for $0.50 each. The total amount raised per case will be $288.00
  2. Can I have one flavor for the entire case?
    All of the lollipops are prepackaged and come in assorted flavors, we are unable to package any one flavor for an entire case of lollipops.
  3. Do you have an pre-sale order form?
    We do not have a pre-order form for our lollipops as each lollipop only costs $0.50 and usually groups do not have trouble selling them once they have received the lollipops.
  4. How can I order lollipops with a purchase order?
    Once you have obtained a purchase order, you can place your order online. Once your order has been placed using the purchase order payment option, you would then fax the purchase order to us at (888)778-2581. Once we have received your purchase order, we will process your order and have it shipped out to you.
  5. I haven’t received my order of lollipops yet.
    The average turnaround time for our lollipop orders is about 5 to 7 business days. Once your order has been shipped from our factory, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number that you can track your shipment with.

Are you ready to start your lollipop fundraiser? Order today to receive your lollipops by Saturday, December 3rd! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

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