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Fundraising tips

Read through our collection of helpful fundraising tips and articles to make your fundraiser a success!

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Tips for Successful Fundraising

3 Steps to Fundraising Success
Getting the Word Out - Promote Your Fundraiser
Motivate Your Fundraising Team
How to Write a Successful Fundraising Letter

Fundraising Information

Fun Fundraising Facts and Trivia
Fundraising Quotes on Giving and Gratitude
To-the-minute Fundraising News
Tax information for non-profits

Online Fundraising

9 Reasons to Fundraise Online
The New World of Online Fundraising

Discount Card Fundraising

Tips on selling your custom discount card
Tips on selling your sandwich discount card
Tips on selling your pizza discount card

Tips for Fundraising Groups

Sports Fundraising Tips
School Fundraising Tips
Church Fundraising Tips
PTO Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Newsletter Archive

April 2010 - Dinner and a Movie Fundraiser
March 2010 - Spring Catalog Fundraising / Spring Cleaning
January 2010 - New Year Fundraising / Help Haiti / Valentine's Day Promo
December 2009 - Two Quick Tips for Holiday Fundraising
November 2009 - Thanksgiving Fundraisers and Choosing Gratitude
October 2009 - Halloween Fundraising Ideas
September 2009 - Featured Fall Fundraisers and Understanding Why Donors Give
August 2009 - Team Fundraising Tips / August Fundraising Promotions
July 2009 - Prepare for Fall Fundraising
June 2009 - Sweet Kettle Corn / Dog Day Fundraisers
May 2009 - Fundraising ideas for Mother's Day, and eat a $50 meal for $20!
April 2009 - Earth Day, Mothers Day, and May Fundraising Ideas
March 2009 - Recession Fundraising Ideas / Spring Into Action!
February 2009 - Spring Fundraisers / Free eStrategy Webinar
January 2009 - Valentine's Day Fundraising Idea, Plan Ahead For 2009
December 2008 - A Look Ahead at 2009 / Raise Funds with Great Gifts
November 2008 - Fundraise Without Funds / Event Fundraising - Simplified!
October 2008 - Breast Cancer Awareness Month / Grand Prize Incentives
September 2008 - SB12 CalPak Healthy Snacks / Kick Off your Football-Themed Fundraiser
August 2008 - Prepare for Fall/Winter / Custom Awareness Bracelets
July 2008 - Summer Fundraisers / Pizza Card Fundraising
June 2008 - Maximize July 4th Fundraising / Credit Card Fundraiser
May 2008 - Mid-Year Report Card / New Discount Card Themes
April 2008 - Eco-Friendly Fundraisers / Prepare for Mother's Day
March 2008 - Spring-Themed Fundraisers / Spin-N-Give Spinners Fundraiser
February 2008 - Valentine's Day Fundaising
January 2008 - Plan Your 2008 Fundraising Strategy!
December 2007 - Ho-Ho-Holiday Fundraisers
November 2007 - Home, Hearth, and Fundraising
October 2007 - Spooky Halloween Fun
September 2007 - Fundraising Tax Tips / Silicone Bracelets
August 2007 - Innovative Fundraising Events / 3 New Fundraising Products
July 2007 - Assembling the Right Fundraising Team / 10-10 Promotion
June 2007 - Building Trust with Donors / Fundraising Info Kits
May 2007 - Finding the Right Fundraiser Location / Fundraising Discount Cards
April 2007 - Getting the Word Out / New Food Fundraisers
March 2007 - Motivating Your Team / Online Fundraising

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