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Kettle Corn Fundraiser

Kettle Corn Fundraiser 40% Max Profit!
  • Made FRESH to order EVERY TIME.
  • Meets "Project Lean" standards for school snacks
  • Easy $1 sale
  • Free Kettle Corn Fundraiser Shipping business days!

Freshly popped and ready to eat! Much lower sugar than caramel corn, this fundraiser is a quick sell at $1 per bag. A fun, healthy alternative to candy fundraisers.

Pricing & Profit – How much do you want to fund raise?

# Participants:   # Bags sold each: = $- profit!

Cases Bought Price per Case You Raise Profit % Your Total Profit!
2 case min. $36.00 $120.00 40% $48.00
3+ $36.00 $180.00+ 40% $72.00+

Each case contains 60 bags of 1.75oz Kettle Corn
Each bag sells for $1, and each case sells for $60
Interested in samples? Request a kettle corn sample pack for $5 (credited back to your order at time of purchase)

How It Works

kettle corn fundraiser idea
  1. Order a case of Kettle Corn. Each case comes with 60 bags of delicious freshly made Kettle Corn.
  2. Sell Kettle Corn to supporters for $1.00 per 1.75oz package.
  3. Keep $24 Profit on every case!

About the Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn Fundraiser

Looking for a healthy way to raise funds for your group? Introducing the perfect solution for a healthy fundraiser - $1 Kettle Corn! It's a snacking experience that both kids and adults will love!

kosher fundraising
  • NO transfats. NO cholestorol.
  • FOUR healthy grams of fiber.
  • Six week shelf-life.
  • Lightly sweetened with less sugar than candy.
  • Less sodium than most flavored popcorn.

Free and Easy to ship .. doesn't melt like candy bars. With a long shelf life and temperature resistant packaging, this is the must-have product for your next fundraising campaign. Sweetened Kettle Corn has become one of the easiest fundraising products to handle.

P.S. Order today to receive your kettle corn on or before Thursday, December 9th! We provide FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

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