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School Fundraising

PTA Fundraising Ideas

FastTrack Fundraising offers highly effective, easy, and fast PTA fundraising ideas. We have helped thousands of school PTA groups meet their fundraising goals - ranging from $200 to $20,000. We can do the same for you!

Most Popular PTA Fundraisers

lollipop pta fundraiser discount card pta fundraiser smencils pencil pta fundraiser
Gourmet Lollipop Fundraiser
Kids love the long-lasting flavor and these sell quickly at just 50c each.
Discount Card Fundraiser
Display school pride with this easy annual fundraiser and earn up to 90% profit!
Smencils Ecofriendly Fundraiser
Sell something all students can use and promote eco-awareness.

PTA Fundraising Guidelines

If you are new to the world of PTA, or if your child’s school has decided to seek PTA tax exempt status by organizing a PTA association, be aware of the PTA standards as follows:

  • PTA fundraising activities are conducted via committee, so majority vote always rules
  • The PTA chairman is an appointed via election by the executive board
  • The PTA’s fundraising committee’s main responsibility is to plan fundraisers in order to raise the decided fund goal to meet the proposed budget
  • The fundraising committee answers to the PTA president and treasurer. They must keep all receipts and disbursements for all activities
  • All fundraising events must be pre-approved by the executive board and PTA board association
  • This majority approval must be recorded in the meeting minutes
  • The PTA fundraising committee is also responsible to recruit volunteers to conduct the project, and assignment of volunteer tasks via a work schedule.
  • They must also have the dates of their events pre-approved with the school for facilities, equipment and to ensure their event doesn’t hinder other school programs and events
  • The PTA fundraising committee must also seek all necessary permits for their fundraising events
  • Ensure any vendor used has insurance for liability and Workers' Compensation, as well as a vendor's certificate of insurance
  • As part of their Noncommercial Policy agreement, PTA members can’t use their names for any commercial activities, even with non-PTA activities
  • PTA officers must never make endorsement of sponsors products or services that they use for fundraisers, which means they cannot write an acknowledgment of thanks, or recommend sponsor products or services to the public


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