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Fundraising Ideas for Schools

For the past 10 years Fast Track Fundraising has been providing fundraising ideas for schools throughout the United States. We provide only tried and proven fundraisers so your school or school organization can rest comfortable knowing it will raise the money it needs.

We are different than other companies that provide school fundraising products. We offer the widest selection of products. Free shipping is available on all of our school fundraisers.

So How Do You Choose the Best School Fundraising Ideas?

There are certainly no shortage of school fundraising ideas but not every product or program is right for every group. So we'd like to give you some things to consider.

1. Grade Level: Interestingly elementary schools typically hold the largest fundraisers followed closely by high schools. Middle school falls way behind. It is absolutely essential that you choose a product that is age appropriate. For example cookie dough works great in elementary school because not only do the kids love cookies but the parents are driving force and are usually willing to show fundraising brochures to friends and family.

2. Size of Class or School: There are some fundraisers that have minimums. Of course large schoolwide groups usually don't need to be concerned with minimums. But smaller groups do. So check out any minimum order requirements before making your choice. You should also know that many products get cheaper as you buy larger quantities. That's not the case with all items. But if you have a smaller group you should definitely take that into consideration.

3. How Much Does Your School Need to Raise: You'd be surprised how many groups contact us and never work through the math when they choose their fundraiser. You want to start out by determining how much your school needs and then divide that number by the number of students who will be selling. If you need to raise $50 or more per student the odds are good you don't want to offer a product like lollipops. So always do the math and see if the product you like can produce the results you want.

4. How Are You Going to Pay? If you are a public school and your administration can issue purchase orders payment is not a concern. However if your school doesn't issue purchase orders you either need to pay for your order when you place it or you need to choose one of our no upfront cost brochure fundraisers or try a program like Read-a-thon.



Choose Your School Fundraising Group for Suggestions:

Elementary School Fundraisers

We designed this page to be an elementary school fundraiser information hub. We offer a collection of different elementary school fundraising ideas that are tried and proven by other schools in this grade level throughout the United States. We update the list regularly as we get more current information on what is working best.

High School Fundraisers

We are confident that these high school fundraisers will be just what your club or group needs to meet or exceed its goals.

Band Fundraising

We help thousands of groups raise tens of millions of dollars every year including bands throughout the country. We know the best band fundraising ideas because we see the results of so many band fundraisers. On this page you will find some of our suggestions for raising the money your band or musical group needs.


Class Fundraising

We offer the top Class Fundraising Ideas whether you're a senior class or a single class of students in any grade level.


College Fundraising

On this page we highlight some of the fundraising choices that work well for college students or on or around a collete campus.


Daycare Fundraising

If you are a daycare owner or operator you probably have a wish list of items you would like to purchase but don't have the money for. Check out these great daycare fundraising ideas to raise that money.


Fraternity Fundraisers

This page includes some of the best college fundraisers that will work especially well for fraternity or sorority members.


Homeschool Fundraising

Homeschool fundraising does not have to be dull or unproductive. You just need to pick the best home school fundraisers and we have lots of tried and proven homeschool fundraisers we want to share with you.


JROTC Fundraising

We have lots of tried and proven JROTC fundraisers we want to share with you. Consider our high profit Fundraising Scratch Cards and Pizza Card Fundraisers.You can make up to 90% profit and the minimums are so low even an individual members can raise money. We also offer a line of traditional


Kindergarten Fundraising

If you are looking for Kindergarten fundraising ideas we would like you to consider the fundraisers we have highlighted on this page. We help schools all over the country every year so we know what other groups just like yours have done to raise the money they needed.


Library Fundraising

Our library fundraisers are fun, exciting, and profitable, and with our simple approach, we can help you create stress-free fundraising for your library.    


Marching Band Fundraising

Check out some great ideas for marching bands. You'll find some high profit options and lots of choices that don't cost anything to start.  


Middle School Fundraisers

Middle school fundraisers may be the most challeging of any school fundraiser. There are lots of reasons but the most compelling is that this age group has not yet invested itself in specific interests and parent involvement begins to disappear. Those are the reasons that elementary school fundraisers and high school fundraisers work so much better.


Orchestra Fundraising

If you are looking for orchestra fundraising ideas we would like you to consider the orchestra fundraisers we have highlighted on this page. We help bands and orchestras all over the country every year so we know what other groups just like yours have done to raise the money they needed.


People To People Fundraisers

People to People fundraisers are very common. After all the cost of the program requires a substantial investment. Luckily the students who qualify are usually motivated and are willing to do what is necessary to raise the money. So it is simply a matter of reviewing the best people to people fundraising ideas.


Preschool Fundraising

Preschool Fundraising Preschool fundraising is when most kids and parents learn all about fundraising. And that's important because it is only the beginning of a long career with fundraising. So you want to choose the best preschool fundraisers to get your students and parents excited about raising money.


Private School Fundraising

Private School Fundraising ideas do not need to be difficult. Here on this page we have identified some of the best private school fundraisers available. We know this because we help private schools throughout the country raise money and we want share with you the fundraising ideas other groups just like your's used to meet their needs.


Prom Fundraising

Prom fundraising goes best when you pick a prom fundraising idea that makes sense. We have lots of tried and proven prom fundraisers we want to share with you. Consider our high profit Money Savings Cards and Pizza Card Fundraisers.You can make up to 90% profit and the minimums are so low even an individual can raise money. We also offer a line of traditional prom fundraisers ranging from Candy


PTA Fundraising

If you are new to the world of PTA, or if your child’s school has decided to seek PTA tax exempt status by organizing a PTA association, be aware of the PTA standards as follows: PTA fundraising activities are conducted via committee, so majority vote always rules The PTA chairman is an appointed via election by the executive board The PTA’s fundraising committee’s


PTO Fundraising

Major Fall Fundraiser Usually fundraising products: catalog, gift-wrap, candy, etc. Can raise 60 percent to 70 percent of your annual budget.


Senior Class Fundraising

If you are looking for a senior class fundraiser then this is the section for you. It doesn't matter if you are raising money for a prom, a year end party, a class trip or any other purpose. We have identified for you some of the best senior class fundraising ideas.


Sorority Fundraisers

Sorority Fundraising: Strategy and Tips to Run a Successful Fundraiser Raising funds for any organization is difficult that's why sororities would do well to know the following tips and strategies in running successful fundraisers to reach their monetary goals. Fundraising Goal Awareness. It is vital that sorority members fully understand the goals of the fundraiser. It is also important that the

Top Fundraising Ideas for Schools

As you can from the list above we have taken the time to identify the main school groups that might need to raise money and have created pages specific to that group's needs. But to save time let me share a few of the top fundraising ideas for schools regardless of grade level or age:

1. Cookie Dough Fundraising: Cookie dough is one of the easiest fundraising products to sell. And it is a product used from high schools all the way down to daycares. It's a no upfront cost fundraiser so there are no financial barriers. Our $10 price point has reinvigorated cookie dough sales. Get more info....

2. Fundraising Cards: Discount cards are a great way for groups to raise lots of money. We offer a few different choices. Lots of bigger groups create an annual card that offers discounts to 10 or more local restaurants or stores. You can make up to $9 profit on every card. Get more info...

3. Readathon: We are big believers in a new program that helps schools monetize reading. We've heard great reviews from both PTA and principals on the elementary school level saying it was the best way they've ever raised money.

4. Fundraising Candy: Candy has been a fundraising mainstay for years. For groups wanting an in hand product to sell then candy would be perfect. The price point is inexpensive. There are lots of great choices. The minimums are small and shipping is free. Get more info...


Why Some Schools Raise More Money

Have you wondered why some schools seem to raise all the money the need and then some while others struggle to make ends meet? Here are a few tips from successful schools:

1. Get your students involved and excited. So many schools simply choose a fundraiser, get the brochures and send them home to parents who know nothing about the fundraiser. The students are unmotivated and the results stink. Great schools promote their fundraisers. They get their students excited. The get them involved with not only the fundraiser but make sure they are raising money for things that mean something to the students.

2. Get your parents involved. These days parents are more involved with selling than ever before. Great schools keep their parents informed before, during and after the fundraiser. You might even consider offering an incentive for the parents to get more involved. The bottom line is that parents have a huge impact so get your message out of the classroom and into the living room.

3. Great administrators monitor progress during their fundraiser. They don't simply send brochures home. They make sure to motivate the students with reminders during annoucements and during assemblies. They challenge their teachers to stay on top of their classes.

Every once in a while we hear about groups that do better than they expected with little effort. But great results are usually directly proportionate to the planning and effort put forth.

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